Thursday, November 29, 2007

more information on the musgrave orchard market

hi friends, yes, i'm guilty of mild neglect toward the blog of late. i've taken up a kind of time-consuming hobby which you'll hear about soon, but i've been cooking and would love to tell you all about it. until then, here's an e-mail from christine at slow food about the musgrave orchard december market. i probably won't make it this week (darn you hobbies!), but here's the skinny: ---------------- Good Morning Folks, Don’t know if you are aware of this, but there is a December Winter Farmers Market on Saturdays from 10:30-2:30 at Musgrave Orchard and Cider Mill. I don’t have a list of vendors (it’s on the small side) but it includes Teresa Birtles (Heartland Family Farm), Randy Stout (Melody Acres), Steve Spencer (aka the Mushroom Man – Homestead Growers) and Andy and Amy Hamilton (Musgrave) so that’s vegetables, greens, eggs, mushrooms, and more! Good way to get your local fix until the Winter Market opens at Harmony in January! Cheers, C.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

stuffed full of stuffing

man, blogging about food after thanksgiving seems like overkill, doesn't it? i have you all had a weekend as relaxing as mine. may your brussels sprouts be firm, and your hearts be light.
john, i'm looking forward to coming over for the tomato soup my niece promised me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"i'm concerned."

planning the making of your thanksgiving dinner is one thing. executing that plan is another. tonight, i was led astray by:
1. drinks with work people,
2. napping after said drinks,
3. bad (incomplete) instructions for roasting chestnuts.
good thing i didn't put a time on dinner tomorrrow, right? chestnuts can be properly roasted tomorrow. dough is rising, and the bread can be made tomorrow.
yikes. i'm going to be busy.
if worse comes to worse, at least i remembered to pick up dessert.

i need bread.

you thought that no-knead bread was easy. (i didn't, because i don't have the proper baking vessel.) well, look here at this recipe in today's nyt. i'm making a loaf or two tonight and will report back. no, really, i promise! food blogging will occur! just you watch.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

solar sun chips?

frito-lay making sustainable chips?
From coast to coast, more companies are thinking about how much fossil fuel they use and ways to conserve energy. Venture capital money is also pouring into fledgling green technology. Only a few years ago, Andy Walker, a government engineer, pleaded with companies to tackle the problems but got blank stares. “Now, my phone is ringing off the hook,” said Mr. Walker, who works at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the Department of Energy in Colorado.
great! call me when the bags are biodegradable!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

beans and rice - extra nice.

the grocery budget is spent for the week. good thing we LIKE beans and rice. (sigh.) where does it all go? oh, yeah. cheese. newsflash: bloomingfoods west has butter from graham farms now from just down the road in elnora. i'll have to try that soon. it's a little amazing and disturbing how quickly we go through butter in this house. i suppose, though, if you're vegetarian, you get a little more saturated fat allowance. yes? i'll pretend you said yes. look in the bottom of the cheese cooler.

Monday, November 12, 2007

a thousand times no.

tonight i made a trip down to the old supermarket to cash in some coins and see what was on sale in the "natural foods" section. not much tempted me. it's strange to walk around a conventional grocery store and be hard-pressed to find anything that you'd feel strongly about purchasing and eating. i got an endangered species chocolate bar, (and in case you're wondering, yes, i WOULD like some of those chocolate-covered pretzels for christmas) some goldfish crackers (a favorite of SOMEONE in the house), and a jug of vinegar. and, i'm sorry to say, i came across this. um, is this new? is it a midwest thing? because i swear with my hand to heaven - i have never seen such a thing. "ropes?" i can't imagine.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

keeping it simple

this weekend, it's all about comfort food, since my poor sweetie has been directed to stay home with a mild case of pneumonia. tomato soup and toast. appple crisp. lots of water. for another 48 hours or so, that guy gets whatever he wants, sustainable or not. i'm taking good care of him, leslie! the farmer's market is really dwindling - probably half the vendors were there this morning compared to two weeks ago. next week is the last week for the potato guy, and i imagine there will be plenty others who don't make it to the end of the month. crunchy chicken is doing another local eating challenge for thanksgiving, and i wonder how much of our meal i'll be able to get. i'm not particularly attached to any aspect of the thanksgiving meal, and brian only expects stuffing. that's lucky. all i have put away is a few pounds of potatoes, a couple cups of corn, two cubes of pesto, garlic to last to the new year (got some more today), chestnuts, apples, and maybe a cup of raspberries left. hmm. let's hope the weather stays nice enough that we don't lose too many more vendors at next week's market. now, i think i need to pat my husband on the head and ask if he needs water.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

so long, and thanks for all the rutabagas.

lolo over at veganyumyum has the most endearing post about rutabagas up today. so endearing, in fact, that i resolved to pick up a rutabaga the next time i came across one. can you imagine? maybe i'll mash them with potatoes, like i currently do with turnips. i don't know about this soup recipe, though, since it calls for sweet potatoes. deep, dark vegetarian confession: i don't care for a lot of winter vegetables. sweet potatoes don't thrill me at all. most winter squash? i eat around it. cooked carrots, even? yecch. tonight, we had acorn squash as a bit of a departure, and after my resiquite "i'll try it" bites, i ate around it. maybe i'd like it deep fried. has anyone deep fried winter squash? butternut nuggets?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

bloomingtonians: local apple alert!

i've just been told that the westside bloomingfoods, which has been devoid of local apples of late, will be receiving two bushels of winesaps before or around noon. and that's it for local apples for the season, at least at the westside store. if you get there before 2 or so, leave some for me! update: at 1:30, no apples. bummer. but they did get local eggs in, which i was very glad to see after missing the market on saturday (sad face). update: at 2:00 on wednesday, they were out! i bought a few pounds, ate one, and didn't go nuts for it. so we'll keep it at a few pounds for now. we still have that half-peck of black twig to get us to december.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

peak oil: bummer.

did anyone else attend a step it up! action this saturday? i got to the bloomington event a little later in the day because of a morning commitment, and it was fairly sparsely attended at that point. i bet more people were around when rep. hill was supposed to show up a couple hours prior. let's hope, anyway. i sat in on a couple of discussions and was grilled about how portland pays for its highly-touted public transportation systems. (is my brother bill out there? you would have been a hit at this thing.) dave rollo, from the bloomington city council, talked about peak oil and bummed us all out. here's the long and short of it: we're probably going to run out of oil. when? no one knows exactly, because lots of oil-rich countries would prefer to not tell us how much they have. (wonder why?) there are no nice liquid alternatives. current political and economic interests are not particularly interested in raising the issue. right now i can hear this echo in my head of sunday morning talking heads saying, we're completely dependent on foreign oil, and it actually means something. we're in trouble, friends. when gas runs out, the supermarkets go empty. because we truck most of our food more than 1000 miles. sound like another good reason to support local food systems? or to store food over the winter? i don't mean to sound alarmist, by any means. sorry. but while that "liberal media" tells you that global warming and peak oil are contested theories, most credible experts would advise you otherwise. bummer. conventional agriculture uses incredible amounts of petroleum for oil to run mechanized operations. it's also used for fertilizer. mmm, who wants petrochemicals for dinner? ( okay, we can all agree that we don't want to think TOO much about eating what's used for organic fertilizer, but still.) how can we step off this ca-razy merry-go-round before we're forced off by the chaos of food scarcity? community supported agriculture? more farmer's markets? move to amish country? permaculture? reduce our consumption of petroleum by leaps and bounds? a chicken in every backyard, and an aerogarden in every kitchen?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

one million pounds of beef recalled.

yikes. i wonder how many cows make up a million pounds of beef? now it's all going to be thrown away. sad.

Friday, November 2, 2007

too much candy, not enough plants

sooooo, no trick-or-treaters came to our house on halloween. none, at least, before 7:30, when i left. that was not only disapointing, but left me with this bowl full of candy. all alone with the candy, actually, because brian went out of town early wednesday. yikes. needless to say - i'll need to do a little extra exercise this weekend. no cooking of consequence has happened since the husband's been out of town. i keep kind of strange hours when he's gone. for instance, tonight, i (ahem, ate candy when i got home from work) and had a fried egg and beans around 9. is there much better, though, then a pasture-raised, local, fresh, organic fried egg? i've been buying from rhodes family farm lately, and they've been great, though there are some other great "happy chicken" egg sellers at the market. ooh, newsflash for bloomingtonians: there will be a december market at musgrave orchard. details forthcoming. that means we'll only have the first 3 or so weeks of january market-less.