Saturday, August 30, 2008

saturday morning deliciousness

i decided to skip the "big" farmer's market downtown this morning in favor of the hollywood market, closer to home. it's a lot smaller, and i missed some of the specialty booths, especially the mushroom growers. but they did have a booth from fleur de lis bakery. cinnamon rolls oooohhoooh yeah. the guy at the booth suggested that i cut them in half, add some butter, and throw them on a grill just to warm them up. who was i to argue? wow. i loved it so much, i'm sad that the bakery is closed on mondays, because i want more. my portland life seems pretty decadent sometimes. it's great.

Friday, August 29, 2008

photo update

all right! i finally found the memory card reader. it was, of course, in a completely reasonable and logical place. i'm a dork. but, hey, look! pictures!

almost there...

getting there! a shot from our penske truck as we wove through the columbia river gorge. feels like home.

local fruit bowl

aaah...local fruit! peaches, raspberries, and for crying out loud, strawberries in august. i love the northwest.

new kitchen

eating in our new kitchen. our apartment is hot right now, with lots of west-facing windows, but we'll be glad for the light 10 months out of the year.
tomato post below will be updated with pictures toute suite.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Naked Day!

LushNaked12 Originally uploaded by lebaskow

dear readers, how could i forget this? i had forgotten until about 23rd and kearney that this naked happening was going on yesterday. employees at lush cosmetics spent some time, um, pressing the flesh, wearing only aprons, to raise awareness of their products, in particular their "naked" products, sold without packaging. i walked by and assured the people that i knew why they were naked.

yay for cosmetics sans packaging! last year i went in there for some packaging-free deodorant, and walked out with two bars of deodorant tied up in a plastic bag. with a ribbon. a very small plastic bag, but, sigh. if you go there, make sure to have a bag with you. and since most of their products are small and strongly scented (oooh, essential oils!), you don't just want to throw this in with your groceries or sunglasses. bring a bag specifically for this purpose.

way to get naked, people. i can attest to the fact that you brought a lot of joy to the people of northwest portland that day.

more risque pictures are available from this flickr user. thanks, lebaskow!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

oh. did i mention i need a job?

if you have a lead in portland, i'd love to hear about it! please? help! my family needs berries! (okay, i eat them all. i need berries!)

food on the run: give pizza a chance

*updated with pictures! i happened to run by food cart row on 5th and stark this afternoon around lunchtime, and took the name of this cart literally. it's already been reviewed by portland food carts and stumptown vegans, but i thought it was worth mention that they offer "handcrafted sodas" for $1.50, or $.75 if you bring your own cup. man, i hope i'm downtown sometime with my own cup on a hot day. i've read good things about their ginger ale, and i love me some ginger ale! i wolfed down a slice of the "compost," named as such because, according to the sign, it had "all the veggies i could find." mm, veggies! all those veggies, including fresh tomato, weakened the structural integrity for someone who wanted to fold the slice in half and hoof it down to the max stop, but the floppiness wasn't an issue after the first few bites. i did lose some cheese. the whole grain in the dough was appreciated, but i like a little more kick in my sauce. it was very abundant and sweet. overall, though, it was a great $3 slice, and i wouldn't be opposed to scarfing down another one sometime soon. speaking of sweet tomatoes - i roasted a batch of cherry tomatoes on tuesday, ala smitten kitchen. when i find my memory reader card, maybe you'll get a picture! (sigh.) anyway, i didn't roast them enough, but they're. so. good. we had some on a salad that night with rogue creamery oregon blue cheese, which completely made my day. such concentrated little buds of fresh summer deliciousness. yum. prepare to be roasted! roasting tomatoes p.s. - this is supposed to have several separate paragraphs. blogger doesn't agree with me sometimes.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

accidental sausage

after being turned away from a sold out showing at laurelhurst theater last night, brian and i were still hoping for pizza, and headed to a local joint. a few slices in, i noticed that the cheese in my mouth was especially savory and chewy. it took a few seconds to register - sausage! a small piece of sausage had made its way onto our olive and mushroom pie. uguugggh! what does a vegetarian do in this situation? i just spat it out, spat some more, and made complaining faces for about an hour. brian wanted to go say something, but i wouldn't let him. that was more for my sanity. making it a bigger deal would have just freaked me out more. what would you have done? say something to the people working there? go about your business and forget the whole thing?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Soy Curls

of course, once we moved out of the oppressive midwestern humid heat, we slid ourselves right into a pacific northwestern heatwave of 3 100-degree days in a row. i made an egg sandwich the first night, and learned my lesson. no cooking is happening in our house until tomorrow. maybe. because 88 isn't exactly cool. we also need to get a good shopping trip in tomorrow as well. maybe make a trip down to food fight. any one had any luck with soy curls? i'm intrigued.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


we made it! we live in portland now, with a shiny new computer, but no internet access at home for the next week or so. i'm burning up my hour of library internet time with job searches, bus trip planning, and finding places to roller skate. mostly job searches. got any leads? i'm in 7th heaven with the mid-summer farmers' markets here - produce overload! - and am on my way to pastaworks to see what i can find for dinner. life is pretty good. be on the lookout for more posts when comcast deigns to bestow internet access on us. wish us luck.