Sunday, August 17, 2008

accidental sausage

after being turned away from a sold out showing at laurelhurst theater last night, brian and i were still hoping for pizza, and headed to a local joint. a few slices in, i noticed that the cheese in my mouth was especially savory and chewy. it took a few seconds to register - sausage! a small piece of sausage had made its way onto our olive and mushroom pie. uguugggh! what does a vegetarian do in this situation? i just spat it out, spat some more, and made complaining faces for about an hour. brian wanted to go say something, but i wouldn't let him. that was more for my sanity. making it a bigger deal would have just freaked me out more. what would you have done? say something to the people working there? go about your business and forget the whole thing?


JohnH said...

It happened to me on one occasion when I was still a vegetarian. I also didn't say anything.

kelley said...

hmmm. maybe it's genetic, then.