Saturday, August 30, 2008

saturday morning deliciousness

i decided to skip the "big" farmer's market downtown this morning in favor of the hollywood market, closer to home. it's a lot smaller, and i missed some of the specialty booths, especially the mushroom growers. but they did have a booth from fleur de lis bakery. cinnamon rolls oooohhoooh yeah. the guy at the booth suggested that i cut them in half, add some butter, and throw them on a grill just to warm them up. who was i to argue? wow. i loved it so much, i'm sad that the bakery is closed on mondays, because i want more. my portland life seems pretty decadent sometimes. it's great.


foodhoe said...

oh, I am so hungry and that look so good! the suggestion to add butter and throw them on the grill wish that was my dinner... I came here via a foodbuzz link, I like your blogname!

kelley said...

thanks! i like yours, too.