Thursday, August 28, 2008

Naked Day!

LushNaked12 Originally uploaded by lebaskow

dear readers, how could i forget this? i had forgotten until about 23rd and kearney that this naked happening was going on yesterday. employees at lush cosmetics spent some time, um, pressing the flesh, wearing only aprons, to raise awareness of their products, in particular their "naked" products, sold without packaging. i walked by and assured the people that i knew why they were naked.

yay for cosmetics sans packaging! last year i went in there for some packaging-free deodorant, and walked out with two bars of deodorant tied up in a plastic bag. with a ribbon. a very small plastic bag, but, sigh. if you go there, make sure to have a bag with you. and since most of their products are small and strongly scented (oooh, essential oils!), you don't just want to throw this in with your groceries or sunglasses. bring a bag specifically for this purpose.

way to get naked, people. i can attest to the fact that you brought a lot of joy to the people of northwest portland that day.

more risque pictures are available from this flickr user. thanks, lebaskow!

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