Wednesday, August 27, 2008

food on the run: give pizza a chance

*updated with pictures! i happened to run by food cart row on 5th and stark this afternoon around lunchtime, and took the name of this cart literally. it's already been reviewed by portland food carts and stumptown vegans, but i thought it was worth mention that they offer "handcrafted sodas" for $1.50, or $.75 if you bring your own cup. man, i hope i'm downtown sometime with my own cup on a hot day. i've read good things about their ginger ale, and i love me some ginger ale! i wolfed down a slice of the "compost," named as such because, according to the sign, it had "all the veggies i could find." mm, veggies! all those veggies, including fresh tomato, weakened the structural integrity for someone who wanted to fold the slice in half and hoof it down to the max stop, but the floppiness wasn't an issue after the first few bites. i did lose some cheese. the whole grain in the dough was appreciated, but i like a little more kick in my sauce. it was very abundant and sweet. overall, though, it was a great $3 slice, and i wouldn't be opposed to scarfing down another one sometime soon. speaking of sweet tomatoes - i roasted a batch of cherry tomatoes on tuesday, ala smitten kitchen. when i find my memory reader card, maybe you'll get a picture! (sigh.) anyway, i didn't roast them enough, but they're. so. good. we had some on a salad that night with rogue creamery oregon blue cheese, which completely made my day. such concentrated little buds of fresh summer deliciousness. yum. prepare to be roasted! roasting tomatoes p.s. - this is supposed to have several separate paragraphs. blogger doesn't agree with me sometimes.

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