Tuesday, November 6, 2007

bloomingtonians: local apple alert!

i've just been told that the westside bloomingfoods, which has been devoid of local apples of late, will be receiving two bushels of winesaps before or around noon. and that's it for local apples for the season, at least at the westside store. if you get there before 2 or so, leave some for me! update: at 1:30, no apples. bummer. but they did get local eggs in, which i was very glad to see after missing the market on saturday (sad face). update: at 2:00 on wednesday, they were out! i bought a few pounds, ate one, and didn't go nuts for it. so we'll keep it at a few pounds for now. we still have that half-peck of black twig to get us to december.

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