Thursday, November 8, 2007

so long, and thanks for all the rutabagas.

lolo over at veganyumyum has the most endearing post about rutabagas up today. so endearing, in fact, that i resolved to pick up a rutabaga the next time i came across one. can you imagine? maybe i'll mash them with potatoes, like i currently do with turnips. i don't know about this soup recipe, though, since it calls for sweet potatoes. deep, dark vegetarian confession: i don't care for a lot of winter vegetables. sweet potatoes don't thrill me at all. most winter squash? i eat around it. cooked carrots, even? yecch. tonight, we had acorn squash as a bit of a departure, and after my resiquite "i'll try it" bites, i ate around it. maybe i'd like it deep fried. has anyone deep fried winter squash? butternut nuggets?

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