Saturday, November 10, 2007

keeping it simple

this weekend, it's all about comfort food, since my poor sweetie has been directed to stay home with a mild case of pneumonia. tomato soup and toast. appple crisp. lots of water. for another 48 hours or so, that guy gets whatever he wants, sustainable or not. i'm taking good care of him, leslie! the farmer's market is really dwindling - probably half the vendors were there this morning compared to two weeks ago. next week is the last week for the potato guy, and i imagine there will be plenty others who don't make it to the end of the month. crunchy chicken is doing another local eating challenge for thanksgiving, and i wonder how much of our meal i'll be able to get. i'm not particularly attached to any aspect of the thanksgiving meal, and brian only expects stuffing. that's lucky. all i have put away is a few pounds of potatoes, a couple cups of corn, two cubes of pesto, garlic to last to the new year (got some more today), chestnuts, apples, and maybe a cup of raspberries left. hmm. let's hope the weather stays nice enough that we don't lose too many more vendors at next week's market. now, i think i need to pat my husband on the head and ask if he needs water.

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