Monday, November 12, 2007

a thousand times no.

tonight i made a trip down to the old supermarket to cash in some coins and see what was on sale in the "natural foods" section. not much tempted me. it's strange to walk around a conventional grocery store and be hard-pressed to find anything that you'd feel strongly about purchasing and eating. i got an endangered species chocolate bar, (and in case you're wondering, yes, i WOULD like some of those chocolate-covered pretzels for christmas) some goldfish crackers (a favorite of SOMEONE in the house), and a jug of vinegar. and, i'm sorry to say, i came across this. um, is this new? is it a midwest thing? because i swear with my hand to heaven - i have never seen such a thing. "ropes?" i can't imagine.


JohnH said...

Yeah... I really didn't need to every know that such a thing existed. Thanks.

K said...

THAT... is DISGUSTING! I hope it's a Midwest thing, 'cause if I see that in the Pacific Northwest, I may vomit. YUCK! I pity you and your shopping trip! :-) --K