Wednesday, November 21, 2007

i need bread.

you thought that no-knead bread was easy. (i didn't, because i don't have the proper baking vessel.) well, look here at this recipe in today's nyt. i'm making a loaf or two tonight and will report back. no, really, i promise! food blogging will occur! just you watch.


mary said...

I tried this recipe over the Thanksgiving weekend and it was easy-peasy and quite delicious, two big, crusty boules of tender bread. Thanks for passing along such a good recipe. I'm going to try it with some whole wheat flour next time, probably half & half.

kelley said...

good idea - let me know how it turns out! i'm planning to do the same, but i'll add some high-gluten flour. it's the level of gluten that makes it work.

mary said...

I tried the recipe a second time with half KA all purpose and half KA organic whole wheat and was again rewarded with two big loaves of mouth-wateringly delicious bread. I love this recipe! Just so you'll know, both times that I made it I added 1/2 tablespoon sugar with the yeast, salt and water (old bread-making habits die hard); used a total of 6 cups flour; and baked the boules in glass deep-dish pie pans, no stone. Otherwise, I followed the original recipe.