Friday, November 2, 2007

too much candy, not enough plants

sooooo, no trick-or-treaters came to our house on halloween. none, at least, before 7:30, when i left. that was not only disapointing, but left me with this bowl full of candy. all alone with the candy, actually, because brian went out of town early wednesday. yikes. needless to say - i'll need to do a little extra exercise this weekend. no cooking of consequence has happened since the husband's been out of town. i keep kind of strange hours when he's gone. for instance, tonight, i (ahem, ate candy when i got home from work) and had a fried egg and beans around 9. is there much better, though, then a pasture-raised, local, fresh, organic fried egg? i've been buying from rhodes family farm lately, and they've been great, though there are some other great "happy chicken" egg sellers at the market. ooh, newsflash for bloomingtonians: there will be a december market at musgrave orchard. details forthcoming. that means we'll only have the first 3 or so weeks of january market-less.

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