Friday, January 18, 2008

budgetary caution

after some neccessary fiscal belt-cinching (due to new circumstances directly related to a certain someone's student loans), our grocery budget has been reduced by $10 a week. this reasonable reduction shouldn't, in theory, be tough, right? wow. i guess one adjusts very quickly to being able to spend more, and slowly to being able to spend less, because i'm struggling with our new budgetary constraints. having been so used to the finer things and all. ha ha. since i'm not willing to stop eating as much local and organic food as possible, including lots of fresh produce (not so local this time of year), it looks like i'll just have to spend more time planning shopping and meal plans. let it not be said that i complained about having a bloomingfoods a block away from work, but, let's face it. it's easy to fall back on the convenience and literally pay the price. that's a price we can't afford. and, while we're at it, am i the only one who seems to run out of expensive staples (olive oil, laundry soap, etc.,) all at once? and when money seems to be tight anyway? but, yes. you can eat local and organic on a budget. even with a healthy and active social life outside your kitchen. i'm convinced of it.

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