Thursday, January 17, 2008

my little pretties

thanks to my parents, who bought me these stoneware ramekins (merry christmas to me!), i'm all set to make my long-awaited small food fantasties come true. tonight? baked eggs. with piecrust. because i was just winging it, friends. just winging it. and i discovered recently, with my matching christmas present (and stocking stuffer - yeah, i made out this year), that piecrust is really simple to make. and i love it. inordinately. ugly, homemade, whole wheat piecrust.

(larger than lifesize)

oh, my new ramekins! so pretty and blue. lesson learned, though: allow for carryover cooking when baking eggs in ramekins. the yolks were just perfect - oozing and lovely without being runny - when they got to the table, and a few minutes later, they were just short of hard.
p.s. like the new look?

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