Sunday, January 20, 2008


why is everything in the fridge suddenly freezing the last few days? in sympathy with what's happening outside? i keep turning it down a little at a time, and the eggs were frozen this morning. frozen eggs. NOT suitable for separating. any wisdom out there? EDIT: as of 1/23, the problem seems to have resolved itself. huh.


JohnH said...

Everything is freezing, or is it positional (ie, things on the top or bottom are freezing).

Also, is your freezer compartment more or less full than normal? Fridges keep temperature by bringing in cold air from the freezer.

kelley said...

hmm. everything's freezing, from the top to the crisper drawer.

my freezer is about as full as usual, but things are kind of thrown around in there at the moment. maybe i'll rearrange just in case.