Monday, December 10, 2007

jiminy christmas!

ack, help, what happened? it's been a week since i blogged? actually, i do know what happened. i've been very engaged in this other, very time-consuming hobby. "what time consuming hobby, kelley? do tell! we're just on pins and needles out here." why, thanks for asking. i just joined the bleeding heartland rollergirls. "um, what? roller derby?" sure! it's all the rage. "are you still going to blog and stuff?" of course! having this blog, working an interesting and fulfilling job, and doing roller derby makes me feel like a very interesting and well-rounded human. anyways, let's catch up. check out mary's comment on the super-easy bread recipe from the new york times. she subbed whole wheat flour with no problems. i'm a little floored that this could possibly be so simple. thanks, mary! christine set me straight on FARM bloomington (not to be confused with one of our portland favorites, the farm). the long and short of it: there's a coffee counter and gifty market open now, and the kitchen opens soon. i'm sure there's something else i forgot, but off to bed.

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