Sunday, December 16, 2007

powering through!

whew! as of friday, i had two christmas presents purchased. as of today, i have all but one. internet shopping - with so many choices, sometimes you've got to just power through. the one present i don't have is probably the most important of all: my 4-year-old niece. alas, this is a joint venture entered into with my oldest brother, the one inevitably slips out the door on christmas eve to wrap up his shopping. not this year, bro! just wrapped up my giving by sending $10 to the UN World Food Programme via Menu for Hope. what's menu for hope? well, they get a bunch of food bloggers together to put up delectable prizes to raffle off. each donation equals an entry. thanks, smitten kitchen, for the donation and the heads up. yes, i will put my name in the hat for some cookies. you bet i will. if you like raffles and food, and dislike hunger, take a look.

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Bill said...

Ha! I totally had that present taken care of on the 23rd, so that's early as far as I'm concerned.