Friday, October 5, 2007

putting on the ritz

tonight, we're planning to finally have our big dinner out in celebration of brian's finishing his doctoral coursework. it's been a rough week, so this will be a nice end to it. suffice to say that not much has gone smoothly while trying to get back to normal after brian's bag was stolen. dinner is at tallent unless the chef's special vegetable preparation is roasted beets or something. but it's not beet season, is it? when you don't eat something, you don't pay much attention. the early fall menu is here. i'm torn. do i start with the arugula salad or the pumpkin gnocchi? i suppose that will depend on the vegetarian entree. i'm so excited! i'll be going to louisville tomorrow afternoon. should be taking a work laptop with me, so i'll try to update from "the road," but i'm not sure how much choice i'll have for food at a conference. wish me luck! trust me - when you're a vegetarian at this kind of thing, you need it.

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