Tuesday, October 2, 2007

october rules in bloomington.

friends, we have quite a month ahead of us. somehow, a whole summer's worth of concerts and social events landed in our area in the next 30 days or so, and i'm going to louisville for four days for a conference. me, a conference! i get my own hotel room (a fancy one, at that), and a per diem and vendors keep sending me e-mails to invite me to drink cocktails at their private pitches/receptions. never have i had so many offers for free wine and cheese. no blogging tomorrow because we'll be at a concert. in louisville (finally, yay!). right now i'm going to make dinner/lunches for tomorrow. yes, it's 9:30. i guess i'm just fashionable like that. it'll be my first attempt at cooking fresh edamame, which i was pleased to see at the farmer's market. is it too crazy to have edamame and tofu in the same dish? there wasn't any produce marked local at the store tonight, so edamame and shitakes from the market is what we have. i also have this book, which is giving me some glazing ideas. mm, tofu glaze. p.s. i'd be glad to hear any tips for louisville sights for my free time. food tips especially. i'm not sure how much driving i'll want to do, but i'll be downtown, steering clear of this strip mall gone wild.

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