Monday, October 1, 2007

mini-review: grub.

Grub is a great little book for anyone feeling their way to a more sustainable way of eating and cooking, (like me!), those curious kittens interested in learning what the big deal with organics and local food is all of the sudden, or for those who need a little boost in the brain to remember why they're bothering in the first place. it's very digestible (ha ha), and makes good, solid points without much fussing over them. co-author anna lappe may be best-known as being frances moore lappe's daughter, and she does a good job of creating her own voice while not trying to deny her family's place in the sustainable eating movement throughout the last 30-40 years. one of my favorite bits was an "interlude: cheat sheet for the cocktail party" - so you can bone up on why organic is better when a friendly acquaintance tells you that organics are a racket and a rip-off: 10. no more mouthfuls of additives 9. worry less about consuming food that may make you sick 8. opt out of being a guinea pig for genetically modified foods 7. miss out on hydraulic fluid in your burger (that'll get 'em!) 6. get a nutritional bang for your hard-earned buck 5-1 are good, too, and probably available at your local library. next on my reading list is plenty, which just came in from the library. this one's too popular to renew, so i'd better get to it. p.s. about half of grub is recipes, but they didn't thrill me. sorry co-author. 9,

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