Wednesday, August 8, 2007

locals: suggestions?

does anyone in bloomington, indiana or surrounding environs have some restaurant tips? brian's parents (thanks, guys!) have generously offered to buy us dinner anywhere we want. why? because brian's going to be finishing his doctoral coursework on friday. waaa-hoo! that's definitely cause for celebration. so, let's hear it. we've been to scholar's inn, and i kind of hated it. i'm snobby about food that i pay for. is tallent really worth it? or is there a hidden gem somewhere around? is the story inn worth the drive, especially if that means foregoing the wine? who doesn't serve their tomatoes cold? MAN, that drives me nuts.


Anonymous said...

The Limestone Grille's August specials feature lots of local produce and look especially good.

Frisky said...

hmmm...interesting. i have one vote for tallent, as well.