Monday, May 28, 2007

oven-free pizza recipe

i've been reading a little about grilled pizzas this weekend, and strangely enough, my friend mari posted about the same thing. so it was kismet, right? we had to have grilled pizza tonight, or something along those lines. the finished product was de-li-ci-OUS, in my opinion. brian didn't seem to mind eating it at all. market pizza ingredients: half pound oyster mushrooms handful of arugula (cleaned, stemmed if needed) ball fresh mozzarella tomato sauce of your liking (we used a can of fire-roasted crushed tomatoes, doctored with the usual suspects) loaf french bread olive oil salt, pepper, crushed red pepper flake clean the mushrooms, and chop into toothsome pieces. sautee, season, and pour off extra moisture if needed. tear arugula. when mushrooms start to brown, add arugula. as soon as arugula starts to wilt, take pan off heat and cover. heat tomato sauce. slice a 6-inch portion of french bread in half. heat grill pan to high, and brush on olive oil. place bread cut-side down until just starting to toast. cut mozzarella into small pieces. when bread is toasted, take off grill pan, slather with a little tomato sauce, cover about half the surface area with mozz, and fill in the gaps with mushroom/arugula mixture. return to grill pan (cut-side up now, i hope you realize), cover, and turn pan off. when cheese just barely starts to melt and everything is hot, remove, cut, and serve. mmm, fancy french bread pizza! delicious! other mushrooms should work just as well, but the oyster/arugula combo was really doing it for me tonight. i apologize if you're more exact in your cooking than i am. let me know if you have questions.

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vwsista said...

Oh YUM!! This sounds delicious!