Monday, May 28, 2007

hey! those are MY strawberries!

when we had our start-up pick-a-plot meeting at the community garden in march, the garden guy told us that they'd never had much trouble with rabbits, deer, or people getting in and eating up the goods, though there wasn't much to deter anyone/thing determined to get in. well, the latter is true, at least this year. a deer came in and chomped my strawberries down to stalks. another gardener and i compared notes - she lost some of her peppers. i imagine she meant bell peppers, because, after my cursory research, i've learned that hot peppers are one way to deter deer from the garden. guess i need to get a new spray bottle for hot pepper sauce/water, and fill some old stockings with soap. maybe i'll hang the soap and some aluminum foil from the drumstick i fished out of the trash. scare the adorable buggers off. there's plenty of greenery for the deer to enjoy outside the fence. really! they don't need my strawberries! this weekend, we made some chocolate-covered strawberries with dark dagoba chocolate and small, local strawberries. wow. so good and so simple. perfect strawberry-to-chocolate ratio. delicious!


LeslieG. said...

Hi Kelley! Well, I found a lot here tonight that I want to copy.......the french bread pizza recipe, and the suggestions for a week of focus on doin' good.....I forget what you called it, but I'm afraid that if I go to find it, I will lose my comment etc. I am still pretty new at blogging.
My sincerest apologies to you on the loss of your yummy strawberries to the deer. Their manners are highly suspect I fear. I do love the dear deer, but am sorry they have such good taste. Your ideas to reroute them elsewhere may work. There are whole books written on distracting the critters. I will be curious to see how successful you are. I know how you love strawberries.
Question.....Is it too late in the growing season for me to try and grow some food? I am totally ignorant about all of that process, Everyone has always told us that we have too much shade to grow food. Even one trial pot would be a fun experient.
I kind of correlated our experience at the Farmers Market on Saturday with your comment about all the greens that you have popping up at your plot. We noticed that greens were the most abundant food for sale. There were strawberries too, which looked great. However, I needed peppers-red, orange or yellow- had to be satisfied with New Seasons peppers[not too hard, except they are expensive] and I also needed cantaloupe. Again, it is too early to find them at the F.M. We had a lovely time though, and noticed that the longest line in the whole place was for strawberry shortcake! Natch.
One more comment.....I noticed in a part of your blog I read on Saturday that you and Brian are having to contemplate a possible new machine, because your microwave died. Are you still taking Real Simple? I think I saw in the June issue that they had a comparison of toaster ovens. Guess that's all for now. Thinking of you happily in your garden eating yout strawberries right from the good earth.

kelley said...

well, i am in no way a gardening expert. i'm just feeling my way along for the first time, and happy to take away a little lettuce! from what i've read, though, tomatoes grow well in containers and it shouldn't be too late to plant them. anyone at a good nursery can tell you what best for the time of year. i know tomatoes aren't so popular at your house, but there's always salsa and tomato sauce!

peppers ARE expensive, aren't they? there's very rarely room for them in the budget. i think i'll put a few in pretty soon, and should have some ready by the end of the summer. maybe i'll roast a few and can them if i'm feeling industrious by that point.

i don't get real simple anymore, but i might saunter down to the library on my lunch break this week (if it isn't too hot) to take a look at that issue.

thanks for reading!