Sunday, May 27, 2007

lettuce: great success!

red leaf lettuce is invading every plot of the garden. lettuce alert! i thinned out a little more today to add to the too-spicy "spicy salad mix" from the market. whoo, that stuff is strong. i like a little interest to my salad mix, but it's a little much. does anyone have advice on starting seeds? mine are just growing straight up, and not developing leaves the way i think they should. what am i missing? maybe i'll just start more in the ground... to liz: i don't know what happened to the nice coffee girl from the market. i liked her beans, and would love to buy them if i could find them. just went to bloomingfoods to pick up a pound of french roast, and i forgot to leave a co-op comment to that effect. the comment board is one of my favorite things about bloomingfoods, or co-ops in general. you really do get a say, even if you just can't seem to make the board meetings...

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