Saturday, May 26, 2007

summer market bounty

i know it's only may, but to me, when school is out, and you're sweating at 10:00am in your tank top, it's summer. bounty procured: arugula strawberries siberian kale baby spinach turnips mixed salad greens broccoli eggs oyster mushrooms heirloom cherry tomato plant peas! is that all? it seemed like a lot more while i was carrying it. they also had: tomatoes kohlrabi new potatoes stone-ground pastry and bread flour onions garlic (which i should have gotten) zukes cukes lots and lots of greens. my problem lately has been not buying enough greens, because i don't want to leave them unused. this week, we ought to have plenty (!). the spinach and kale will last until the end of the week, no problem, as long as i can keep out of the spinach until then. we're having arugula with our customary saturday morning eggs today. arugula has that great quality that spinach shares - fresh, wilted, sauteed - don't matter! just toss it in whatever, and you're set. we'll see if brian loves it, too.

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