Tuesday, May 29, 2007

i love my grill pan.

oh, grill pan. you're so useful, and so enticing this time of year, especially for a girl without an outdoor grill. i'm in good company, too. the grill pan is great for vegetarians because nothing falls (ahem: vegetables?) through the grate, and if your tofu sticks, not all is lost. my tofu didn't stick tonight, probably due to having a healthy dose of oil in the marinade. we also had some coconut rice, spinach, and peas. coconut rice from deborah madison. i think i skimped a bit on the salt - it was a little bland, if satisfying otherwise. there's plenty of rice and tofu left over for lunches tomorrow if i cook up a couple broccoli branches to go with it. pictures that had yet to make it online:

salad with strawberries, blue cheese, and basalmic vinegrette. very very good. i just stepped aside and let the strawberries and cheese do the work.

chips and salsa are a must at our house. really. as a matter of fact, our wedding vows should have gone, "to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, as long as there are chips and salsa in the house." i'm vegetarian, he's not, etc., but we work through this as long as tortilla chips are on the scene. the problem? plastic packaging. my brother suggests making my own, and, while i haven't ruled that out, homemade supplies would be quickly exhausted. comprimise? el milagro, with the girl on the front, and just a small plastic window to show you, i suppose, that there are indeed tortilla chips inside. *Eedit: there's a layer of plastic on the inside of the bag. maybe i just didn't want to see this before. the paper, sadly enough, seems to be just a little more packaging.

until garden of eatin' goes paper, it's all el milagro all the way. the ingredients? stone ground corn, water, corn oil, salt, trace of calcium hydroxide. works for me! (edit: sad face at confronting the truth of so much plastic.)

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