Tuesday, May 8, 2007

mushroom man

tonight we tried the mushroom patties from the mushroom man for the first time. tasty! i could have used a little more mushroom and a little less filler, but, really, if i'm going to be so picky maybe i should just make my own stupid mushroom patties, right? they tasted good, and the marketing is right up my alley: Localfolks Foods Good food, made for local folks, by local folks MUSHROOM PATTY Every effort has been made to use natural, fresh, local ingredients. they're a fantastic local alternative to a gardenburger, and they come in a reusable zippy bag. i'd like to thank the exploring not-so-big living blog for the shout-out. hi not-so-big living friends! i added a link over at the side over there. see? yes, there. i weaved my way over there from the popular no impact man, who also now lives at the side of my blog, and is really completely fascinating. go over there and check it out.


John said...

Have you tried this one:

We look forward to seeing you soon!

kelley said...

no, but i'll check it out. alton+peas=gooood!