Sunday, May 6, 2007

may market bounty

more garden shot from the tool shack at the community garden each week, i'm able to get more and more at the market. but why do i always buy like i'm still a single person with no time to cook? it's better to use it all up in 2 days than to let things go to waste, i suppose. and i have let plenty of produce go to waste in its time. but this is almost half gone: 1 bag mixed salad greens 1 bag spinach 1 bunch asparagus 2 mushroom patties 1 dozen eggs 1 bunch kale 3 tomatoes 1 cheddar-rosemary scone 9 oz. raw gouda hey, the tomatoes were $3.29 a pound, and they were greenhouse tomatoes, and not organic. a girl has to be careful. market brunch this was our lunch directly after the market. yum. i put too much nutmeg in the eggs, which is a common problem now that we have whole nutmeg. grating it makes me feel very culinary and proud. that just feels too good to stop after half a teaspoon. perennial strawberries sometime this week i'm going to have to buy some bird netting so i can get away with some strawberries. these are perennials, and i had no hand in putting them in, but they're the most healthy and hale plants in the plot. yesterday, i scared about half a dozen birds out of the garden with my arrival, so i imagine netting is necessary. mmm, berries. portland summers are wonderful for many reasons, and berries are a big one. the cold snap we had in the less-temperate parts of the country in march killed lots of berries and stone fruit, so i'll have to eat my fill on vacation. i can't wait.

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