Wednesday, May 9, 2007

the horror!

as i was just sitting here, clicking and tapping away, it occurred to me. earlier, while working in the garden, i whipped a plastic bag out and used it to kneel on while weeding. but now i can't remember picking it up and putting it away. did i unleash a plastic bag upon the organic community garden? i MUST have put it away. it wouldn't be the first plastic bag to float around the garden, but still. today i fished a well-rototilled pen out of an unplanted bed. my confessions and celebrations for the day: good: bringing a homemade muffin for a morning snack good: walking to work and lunch. good: bringing a cloth napkin to lunch. a little paper napkin never hold up to a falafel, anyway. good: forgoing the free bag of fritos that comes with the falafel baaaad: buying a plastic-wrapped cookie a couple of hours later. bad on another level: eating the whole stupidly big thing. okay, but not great: rockits pizza for dinner. cardboard boxes are recyclable, sure, but that's a lot of material for two slices of pizza. my next step is to move to cloth napkins at home. right now, i usually use a kitchen towel or just flip my apron up, but there aren't always kitchen towels to go around. reduce! i just got a book on composting from the library today, too, but i'm extremely hung up on attracting pests. as in rodents. the very thought of it makes me a little sick. this means we'd need something a self-contained fancy-type compost bin (as in expensive. as in not in the budget.). well, i'll just read up, and we'll see.

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John said...

I haven't seen any rodents in our compost pile.

Not all of those plastic compost bins are expensive, and I know around here Metro sells them cheap. Maybe there's an inexpensive source around there...