Sunday, April 8, 2007

nothing to eat?

part of paring down our grocery budget was realizing that there can't be "nothing to eat" when our pantries, freezer, and fridge are half-full. that is a lot of food. no, you can't make a meal out of thin air and bulgar, but if you have bulgar, frozen peas, an onion and a dozen eggs, maybe you can figure something out. maybe. (i can't really come up with that particular recipe, but it's gotta be there.) since i struck out yesterday at the market, and i wasn't sure if bloomingfoods would be open today, dinner took a little thinking. i had a loaf of bread in the works just because cold sundays just lend themselves to baking bread in my world. so. a loaf of bread? a few cans of tomatoes? cheddar cheese? put them all together and you have...tomato soup with grilled cheese. can't beat that! the last of the kale went in the pot before blending. it didn't make a smooth puree, but that wasn't neccessarily the intent. about two cups of fresh kale went in, and what came out was a spicy (a pinch too many of crushed red pepper flake) tomato soup flecked with green. you could have fed this to a greens-phobic child, and he/she would have lapped it up. kale: farmer's market tomatoes, flour, sugar: co-op, organic cheese, yeast: co-op, not organic. organic yeast is over a dollar a package: yikes! waste: foil yeast packet. sustainability: medium now the next problem: there weren't enough leftovers for my loving husband's lunch tomorrow. there's barely enough for mine, but i usually come home for lunch and can supplement as needed. maybe boil up some pasta and send it with the leftover tomato soupy goodness?


John said...

greens-phobic child

What's that?

Katherine loves her Kale/Chard/etc. She calls it 'hot salad.' Then again, we usually cook it in bacon fat - but I'm sure olive oil would be tasty too.

You need to start buying your yeast in bulk :-)

kelley said...

yeah, but the co-op only had cake yeast in larger sizes, and that isn't working for me. i should buy a jar next time i see it.
i'm glad katrinka likes greens. mmm, hot salad! maybe i'll start calling it that.