Monday, April 9, 2007

membership means ownership. or so they say.

my sweetie's already tucked into bed, so i ought to make this quick. firstly, i want to thank all the cashiers at bloomingfoods over the last year and a half for asking me for my member number without ever being pushy about membership. secondly, i would like to thank chris, my cashier tonight, for pointing out that one doesn't necessarily need to lay out the ninety dollars up front. you can pay just $7.50 a month for a year, then, presto! you're a member! and, in the meantime, you get the member discount. it's a no-brainer, really, especially since it'll (almost) pay for itself. didn't even hold up the line behind me. it's a beautiful thing. now, if they would just finish the grocery store that's between work and home, things would really start looking up. one more thing: tonight i made a leap and bought brussels sprouts. i've never had them that i can remember, since growing up they were more of a punchline than a vegetable. all the vegan blogs go crazy for the things. then again, the vegan blogs go crazy for things like brownies made with pureed prunes. not that i have a problem with prunes. or with brownies. i like both very much. more than the other.

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