Saturday, April 7, 2007

First outdoor market of the season

this was supposed to be a happy occasion, right? the bloomington winter market has treated me right, the last few weeks: kale, spinach, salad greens, cauliflower, and the eggs never seemed to sell out. but the first week of april, things move outside and REALLY start happening, right? nope - not after this lousy cold spell we've been enjoying. i arrived at least an hour and a half before closing, and the place was a ghost town. vendors were loading out, and the action seemed to be wrapped around the bloomingfoods van: HOT coffee and HOT chocolate. lamb, honey, and cheese were around, as well as some storage onions, and some very sad-looking cooking greens (one table). so. i got a dozen eggs and a barack obama bumper sticker. could have been worse - they could have been out of eggs. if you've read the omnivore's dilemna" you know that "spring lamb" isn't really the natural way of things. consider that if the lambs were born in the spring, they wouldn't be ready to eat for several months. so, enjoy some minted eggs for your easter brunch. i can't wait for peas. mmm, peas. for dinner tonight, we're having chili and cornbread. canned tomatoes and beans, milk - organic, bought at local store, but not locally sourced. onion, kale, and eggs: from farmer's market (the kale is from last week) spices and cheese: bought at local store cornbread mix: trader joe's. not organic. plus canola oil, milk, and eggs (organic, all). waste produced: egg shells, 2 cans, cardboard, and paper. no plastic in the packaging for the cornbread mix. way to go, trader joe's! sustainability scale: medium-high.


John said...

You throw away egg shells?! That's good composting right there!

kelley said...

yep, figuring out composting is somewhere on the list. gotta find out what they'll allow for onsite composting at the community garden - don't know if it's just garden waste or not.