Sunday, April 15, 2007

new recipes

the main reason i started this blog was to keep myself honest. that is, to not be environmentally-conscious "tomorrow" when i had the time and energy, but to do it every day and have the responsibility of reporting back. so far, it's mostly working, but steps need to be made. but that's the point, right? i'm not omnipotent, i have a full-time job and interests other than cooking, etc., but i still can put forth the effort to keep the kitchen sustainable. or at least try to get better at it. on $70/week. getting there!
(can you tell i'm down on myself for tossing plastic?)
today i'm happy to report that we tried alton brown's whole wheat pancakes and vegetarian times' chilaquiles with salad, and that both recipes were both great successes. pancakes have always been a weakness in my cooking repertoire, but alton steered me right on these. about 2 of them filled me up, and though i felt a little like taking a nap directly after eating them, i had plenty of energy for the 3-mile Homeward Bound walk for the homeless afterward. (you can still donate money on the sidebar there, if you hate homelessness in bloomington and monroe county, indiana.) the chilaquiles garnered an enthusiastic "delicious!" from my dear husband. he's a wonderfully tactful and honest judge of my cooking, and a girl couldn't ask for anything more.
chilaquiles mmm, delicious! tomorrow, a milk report. tonight, sleep.

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