Monday, April 16, 2007

mmm, milk.

i can see why you wouldn't want to drink milk. most milk sold in america is produced by cows under extreme distress in factory farms. they're forced to eat corn because corn is cheap, antibotics are put in their feed because such proximity fosters disease, and the dairy industry thinks we ought to just deal with it, beacause bovine growth hormone and antibotics are probably just fine. and, to be fair, something else will probably make you sick and kill you first. sorry. the milk will just help. also, after their sad factory farm cow lives, the cow is not exactly going to be retired out to pasture. so, you go organic, right? well, that might not be the BEST solution. USDA Organic and Oregon Tilth Certified Organic are two completely different things. I walked down to Kroger on Sunday morning to pick up some milk, and I had a choice between USDA Organic from Horizon Organics, or Oregon Tilth Certified from their house brand. I went with the house brand. That looks like it may have been a smarter choice than I knew. be continued.

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