Saturday, April 14, 2007

market day!

did you hear about this big storm that's supposed to hit the northeast today? well, we haven't gotten the brunt of it, but it's obvious that another cold front has come through. in other words? it's not exactly prime market weather, for patrons or the farmers. Farmer's Market 2nd week there are two thin rows here. in the height of the market, there will be about 6 more, with tables leading you in and out, a main stage with music, the enthusiastic guy who does beatles covers (the only time i've ever liked "don't pass me by"), and children's music, plus political tables. right now the barack obama people are toughing it out at the far end on your left, there. near the bloomingfoods van. the bounty, was, as you might imagine, a little thin. the fellow set up there in the middle (nice guy!) was sold out of kale. he had a few green onions, but the white parts looked a little under-developed, so i made pass. here's what i got: this week's bounty salad greens, eggs, and mushrooms from the Mushroom Man. hmm. well, things are only going to get better as time goes on. check out a close-up of these beautiful eggs. happy eggs some have this really lovely green/blue color that i just can't get over. the flash washes it out a little. today was also Step It Up! 2007. our action took place at city hall, adjacent to the farmer's market. step it up!  2007 look how happy the mayor is to be handing out free compact fluorescent light bulbs! i got one. the last time i bought light bulbs, i was thrown into a eco-tizzy by having to choose between conventional lightbulbs in recyclable cardboard packaging and compact fluorescents in those awful thick plastic cages. i chose conventional. apparently, soon they'll be selling cfl's in cardboard packages for cheap at bloomingfoods. quandry resolved! hooray!

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