Thursday, April 19, 2007

"i refuse this styrofoam!"

tonight i had to make myself and our server uncomfortable by putting up a fight for a cardboard pizza box. apparently, the boss doesn't like it when servers take cardboard boxes for leftovers. tomorrow, i'll drop a line to our favorite pizza place to see what the deal is with that. next time someone tries to give you styrofoam or one of those awful plastic "clams" tell 'em you don't want it! tell them you want something recyclable or biodegradable, and that you'd love to come back to their establishment when that's the case. businesses respond to these latent threats. but then you really do have to patronize the business if they do change. that's why i go to bloomington bagel company! good old bloomington bagel. enjoy a soup in a paper cup, but bring your own spoon. yes, i carry plastic cutlery around with me. do you have a problem with that?

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