Sunday, April 22, 2007

is that all there is?

the scene at the farmer's market was markedly different than the weeks prior. market 4/21 people! vendors! sun! my spirits started to droop, however, as i walked by stand after stand and saw starts and starts and starts and no food. i've already gotten all my seeds and starts i'll need until after the last chance of frost (may 15th), so i came home with mushrooms, coffee, and eggs. now, that's a nice breakfast, but some asparagus would have been wonderful. maybe next week i'll go a little earlier. bloomington coffee roasters a nice girl roasts organic fair-trade coffee the day before market. coffee is something of an achille's heel for most local and sustainable kitchens, but this is a pretty good option. and there's a squirrel on the bag! cute! this morning, i'm nursing a blister from putting in a couple of rows of my community garden plot yesterday. mesclun, spinach, strawberries and something else i've forgotten already. oh, red lettuce. soon: peas. later, the seeds i started last night at home: broccoli, brussels sprouts, basil. columbine for the planter out front. i don't have much of a green thumb, so we'll see how it goes. wish me luck!

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