Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dear Diary,

i can't lie to you. tonight, for dinner, i had nachos and chocolate pudding. now it's almost 9:30, and i'm kind of thinking of heating up some noodles. can you blame me, diary? nachos are good, and sometimes i just don't feel like cooking just for myself! hey, at least i used local cheese and organic salsa. and the tortilla chips that come in a paper bag. the garden of eatin' ones are better, but i can't keep throwing away those bags. maybe i should write garden of eatin' and request biodegradable or recyclable bags. diary, i will let you know how that goes. love, kelley


John said...

If you want, I can look up my recipe for home-baked tortilla chips.

kelley said...

do you make them from store-bought tortillas? if so, that still involves plastic wrap.

John said...

You can find masa in paper bags :-)