Saturday, September 26, 2009

New kitchens

After a year of living in a one-bedroom apartment and two summers of direct sun with no air flow, my sweetie and I are moving next weekend.  Into a free-standing structure with a yard and everything!  Pre-loaded with a friend and her dog!  We're excited.  And probably not cooking too much this week.

One huge and unexpected downside to our current apartment is that we don't have a freezer: we have a freezer compartment.  It keeps frozen things frozen for a while.  It makes ice cubes slowly.  That's about it.  Ice cream has not been on the menu for about a year.  In short, it sucks. 

I've been proposing an ice cream social once we've moved in to our new place, and David Lebovitz's blog gave me some inspiration.  We are totally having bourbon coke floats.

What would you have with your bourbon coke float?  Vanilla?  Caramel?

Now that we're getting a freezer, I can even MAKE ice cream again!  How about vanilla-bourbon?

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