Wednesday, January 7, 2009

out with the old!

happy new year! 2008 was quite a year for me - i started roller derby, which created a huge subset of new adventures and general lifestyle changes, i went to san diego, we went to new york, we moved back to portland, i've had two temporary jobs, barack obama was elected...yep. big year.

meeting michael pollan

my hand, shortly after a brief contact with barack obama's hand

back in portland - view from the eastbank esplanade

we've enjoyed a lot of good meals in the last few weeks - hooray for celebrations! dinner at pok pok, the farm, and por que no?. all so good. i heartily reccomend the vegetarian curry soup, baked brie, and margaritas, respectively.

i also got a new toy for christmas. check out my new growth!

i've had a dismal time growing herbs indoors, so here's hoping the aerogarden is the solution. sure, it's more energy-intensive (sigh), but everyone who has one seems to love them. any aerogardeners out there?


Abby said...

I keep looking at those aerogardeners but can't bring myself to spend the money. Think it's worth it?

Brooke said...

How well is this processes working for you? I know very little about aerogardening, but it seems pretty interesting.

Astra Libris said...

I'm so glad I discovered your wonderful blog!! Your aerogarden looks terrific! I love your idea of adding chunks of cheese to scrambled eggs instead of grated cheese, too - absolutely brilliant!

kelley said...

thanks astra libris!

about the aerogarden: i'll update right now with new pictures. it's hard to tell just now if it's really worth the cost, but it's incredibly easy. give it a month or two, and i'll let you know.

Mari said...

Do you just need the seeds or do you need the expensive light thing too?

I had an ex who tried indoor container gardening. It was rather like... well, you can imagine. Didn't work very well; butterball lettuce grew tall and skinny and our one broccoli plant didn't make anything edible till it was outside and then we got one floret.

aerogarden said...

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