Sunday, December 21, 2008

file under: why don't i make these more often?

let me set a scene for you: it's winter. you live in portland, or. since it so rarely snows, streets are not plowed well or often. there are 8 inches of snow on the ground (!) and freezing rain on top of it. you know what you need? a hot toddy.

from my internet research, i've found that a toddy can be as simple as whiskey, lemon, honey and hot water, or more nuanced with applejack, cinnamon sticks, tea, etc. we had the toned-down verson, and they were delicious. in this house, we prefer bourbon. just in general. must be our kentuckiana ties. what about you?

a few nights ago, i made brian's favorite soup: broccoli potato with cheese. it was getting late, and we didn't have any bread in the house, so quick bread seemed like the thing to do. i tend to mess up the rolling and cutting of biscuits, so it was nice to see that james beard had me covered with a variation for drop biscuits. and i added some oregano.

oh boy. so good. should have made a half batch, because i kind of (ahem) went through them quickly.

next time, i'll try adding some sharp cheddar cheese. as good as they were, i missed that aspect. maybe because my mom makes cheesy biscuits.

stay warm out there, friends!


cakeitaly said...

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foodbin said...

nice photos of shoe steps on the snow

kelley said...

thanks, all!

Sandie said...

Mmm, cheesy biscuits. What you made looks really good and I'd definitely need to start doing more of my own baking. Right now I'm on this program called "Chef's Diet"; they deliver low car/high protein meals straight to your door. The meals come in this nifty cooler and it's breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks: everything you need for the day! If you're ever too busy to visit the grocery store, I'd highly recommend trying Chef's Diet. Visit them a!