Sunday, September 21, 2008

fresh, local weekend.

this was one of those slow burn weekends. somewhat eventful, but definitely low key.
on saturday, i went to the beaverton farmer's market with my parents, who were taking care of my 19-month-old nephew and 5-year-old niece for the weekend. i didn't have any grocery cash on me, so i had fun sharing free samples with the niece. and when brian came over to pick me up, the first words out of her mouth were, "aunt kelley bought an artichoke!"
white chocolate oatmeal cookies. for a barbecue. they turned out better than the last time i attempted this recipe.
the aforementioned artichoke. brian's first! i couldn't resist buying ONE thing at the market.
potato-broccoli-cheddar soup. with a red pepper for good measure.
waffles. but that's not too exciting.
raspberry fruit leather. mmm. if you have some raspberries that get compressed, smooshed, or are just starting to look long in the tooth, look into it. yum. i'm hoping to refine my methods and report back on this.


shiv said...

oooooh, fruit leather. i am already looking forward to the recipe!

kelley said...

it's coming! i'm still experimenting.