Wednesday, September 17, 2008


eh. my loaf of ciabatta wasn't really worth much type. i have a few ideas up my sleeve about how to improve the next loaf, and have some experimenting to do with my bob's red mill yeast. and bigas in general. hmmph. at least it smelled good, and almost any homemade bread is worth eating.

i spent a lovely evening with my parents, niece, and nephew (and air conditioning) last night, and was sent home with a goody bag of slicer tomatoes, romas, and sweet 100's from the garden.

i roasted the roma and cherry tomatoes, immediately devoured the cherry tomatoes straight out of the oven, and saved the romas for dinner.

it wasn't a lot of work, but brian called it "a treat." a treat! it was - you don't get that pure, sweet, concentrated roma tomato flavor from a can or a jar.

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