Sunday, February 24, 2008

i do still cook sometimes.

thank goodness for the bread machine. i've made a lot of dense, doughy bread in my time, but the bread machine saves me from myself. the crumbly, crunchy, thick crust of bread that's actually baked in the machine tends to turn me off, but that dough function is a lifesaver. all i had to do for this lovely round of vienna bread was put the ingredients in, turn it on, and be around when the cycle was over to shape into a round (not rocket science, friends), and let it rise. now, if i could only let it rise a *little* longer. patience is a virtue i like to think i have, but not when it comes to dough. worse, i like to cut into a freshly-baked loaf right out of the oven when i ought to know better. tomorrow, a few of us are driving up to see michael pollan at speak at butler. my inner food dork is squealing! expect a report later this (very busy) week.

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