Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bloomington vegan Sunday brunches

Anyone feeling especially gung-ho about this? Want to share your leadership skills? The latest missive: Hello to all, Thanks to all of you for showing interest and taking making an effort to let it be known. Apologies also for the delay in any type of communication about the brunch. As it is, new things have come to light, circumstances have changed... and sadly I rarely have time on Sundays anymore. However, there is still a willing group of individuals in our community that would love to get together and feast, talk, hear music and have a good time. So, here is my proposal: if there are any individuals who would like to take the reigns and manage the event on sunday: i.e. setup a couple tables, cook/serve food, take people's money, I and anyone else who is willing will help in the planning and promotion during the week. Any Sunday that I am free, I will be helping out as well. The plan is sketchy at best, but it must start somewhere no? Any and all suggestions are welcome, please reply to all so we can have a discussion amongst everyone here. Thanks. I can put you in contact with this group if you'd like.

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