Sunday, August 19, 2007

locked out

the plan was to grab some tomatoes from the community garden for dinner tonight, but when i got there, i found the gate locked with a padlock for the first time this season. i had a key that seemed to fit, but no dice. my poor tomatoes. like they're not ignored enough. my favorite summer meal, at least right now, is simple: cut up tomatoes, smash some garlic, add olive oil, salt, pepper, vinegar, and cheese. let sit out an hour or so. add hot pasta and basil. toss. serve.

what could be simpler or more delicious, when you have good, fresh, flavorful tomatoes? i've been using half brandywines and half cherry tomatoes, since that's what i have on the vine, but romas or plums would be great as well. mozzarella is the classic choice, but i use whatever cheese we have on hand or that sounds good at the market.

i wish i could give you a recipe for this whole wheat breadmaker bread, but, as usual, it was something of a maverick concoction. i ran out of milk, so i used part yogurt, etc. i've been working out of this gigantic book from the library with hundreds, literally, of bread machine recipes. let's see. it's called The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook, and has 300 recipes. i also made a wholesome (read: half wheat) challah, but it didn't turn out quite right because a) my eggs were small, b) i lost count while measuring the flour, and c) i was supposed to take it out, shape it, and put it back in the maker, and i didn't. oh, well. it still worked for french toast.

i'm using mostly new rinkel flour these days. it's not milled within 100 miles, but it's close!


John said...

So, would this be a bad time to brag about getting all of my flour from a local mill ?

kelley said...

sorry - your html isn't working. do you mean bob's red mill? (sigh.) lucky. you can get anything there, and i bet a lot of it is locally-grown. we can get bob's red mill here - at the kroger, even. i use their vital wheat gluten.

i miss having local tofu, too. surata is great.