Monday, August 6, 2007

don't bust the budget!

ugh. a combination of lots of work + high temperatures + high humidity doesn't = high energy when one gets home. i've probably mentioned this (since people like to complain on their blogs, and i'm people), but our house lacks central air. we have an air conditioner in the bedroom, (or "cool room," as in "babe, i'll be in the cool room.") and the rest of our house is now 86 degrees. including this room. and the kitchen. etc. did i also mention that the air conditioning went out in the car? i wish this was more of an incentive to walk, but i can be a bit of a baby about the heat. hard to imagine, huh? speaking of walking, our walkscore, which everyone is blogging about right now, is 82. not bad! my former home in portland has a score of 91 (wow, but i'm not surprised), and my old apartment in eugene is a whopping 97. never missed having a car there, i can safely say. my parent's house scores 65, which is not bad for the suburbs, though it lists places that are NOT safe to walk to. or at least weren't when i was 16 and hoofing it. one place i don't mind strolling to in the oppressive muggy mess of the afternoon is to our new co-op branch, but this may start to be a problem fairly soon. i have very easy access to food that i want to buy, and, somehow, only $10 left in grocery money with 5 days left to go in the weekly budget. hmm. maybe it's a little TOO easy to stroll over and make last-minute decisions about picking up this and that. this kitchen needs some organization. it needs some order! it needs meal plans! i'll totally work on that tomorrow. during my lunch break. at work. with the air conditioning. because i can feel sweat dripping down my brow as i SIT here and BLOG which does NOT require much exertion. cool room, here i come!

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