Monday, July 23, 2007

i could get into this local thing.

i love you, breadmaker. let me count the ways:
1. you make practically no mess
2. measuring out ingredients takes practically no time
3. you make better bread than i ever did by hand
4. your timer makes weekday bread a snap 5. you don't heat up the house.
first loaf: whole wheat, made with wheat flour from the farmer's market. i made several fatal (or so i thought) mistakes with this dough, but, by the powers of the breadmaker, it came out anyway. not perfect, but real good. it did its job holding up my homemade veggie burgers...
...the recipe for which was from vegetarian times, but i won't recommend it. too much oatmeal. i love oatmeal, but not baked and placed on a bun. not nearly mushroom-y enough.
today i zipped home for lunch, washed some dishes, put in the ingredients for this loaf...
...put on the timer, and it was done after i got about 5 steps into the house after quitting time. no kidding.
how's your garden coming? i have about 324286 green tomatoes and peppers, but nothing to harvest. one squash blossom. last night, i just pulled some spinach, lettuce, and strawberries, which sounds more like an early june harvest than late july.
i'm getting antsy for my first very own tomato.


debby said...

i'm another bread maker fan.

For veggie burgers, check out the recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance. We live on them in the winter. I leave out the peanut butter (for our allergic friends) and replace the oat flour with cornmeal.

kelley said...

i'm looking at it right now. my only problem is the tomato paste - whenever i buy it, i seem to only use it for one recipe, then the rest goes bad. i'll grab this next time i feel like making burgers, though, thanks! do they freeze well?

Lrapps said...

I'm struggling with getting the right balance of ingredients for my bread maker, can you give the whole recipe that you have used?

kelley said...

well, i'm just experimenting myself, since i don't have the manual for my machine. i used the recipe from the newest oster manual for the whole wheat:

the other one i just googled at random, and didn't save the location. i'll keep experimenting and post recipes that work really well.

Mari said...

I too was disappointed by the Veggie Times recipes. My tamale burgers did NOT hold up on the grill at all. I think they needed an egg for binder.

It bugs me when it's all grilled and perfect in the picture and then the recipe falls apart.

I froze the rest of the dough, but I might just try steaming it into tamales. Or maybe a tamale casserole, apparently T. really likes such things, or at least the pictures of such things.

Mari said...

Oh yeah, and you can get tomato paste in a tube so it doesn't go bad like a can!