Saturday, June 2, 2007

low impact week day two: not too shabby.

soon after arriving at the farmer's market and punting a plan of attack for the week's produce around my brain, i had the lovely revelation that i didn't need to buy absolutely everything for the week, because the tuesday market is starting next week! hoooray! and i work, literally, overlooking it! hooray! i'll tell you: when the tuesday market is running and the new co-op opens between my office and my house, which it should be before july, i will be in food shopping heaven. so i putzed around, and was completely at leisure to choose greens that weren't in plastic bags. most of the places i stopped, the seller pre-emptively pulled out a plastic bag. "i brought my own bag," i say. they say, "you're prepared!" yes. i AM prepared. also announced my NO NEW PLASTIC pledge to a few of the growers, and thanked them for not having everything pre-bagged. they appreciated my appreciation. got some green garlic tops thrown in for saving the grower a bag. i chopped part of one up very small, and served it like one would chives on scrambled eggs and tomatoes. yum. haven't driven today, though tomorrow i'll need to drive to the garden. in this heat there's no way i can walk the hour roundtrip and do any gardening besides. maybe in the dark, but this girl is not walking over there in the dark all alone. oh! geez! almost forgot that i made ice cream for the first time today! the only problem with making ice cream, other than the time it takes, it that you can't lick the bowl. you can, however, lick the beater. and it is good. tonight we might have a couple people over to watch basketball, and there should be enough homemade organic strawberry ice cream for everyone. mmmmmmm. ice cream. if i find a less time-intensive method, i'll be making it all the time.

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