Friday, June 1, 2007

low impact week: day one one's perfect, right? i bounded out of bed, and right as my hand went up to turn on the kitchen light on my way to shower, thought, "nope, it's low impact week. i can see just fine." good for me. pat pat. congratulations. i put my face wash on while letting the water heat up, and realized at the end that i was just enjoying the shower and not getting cleaner, so i got out. walked to work. got my lunch out of my bag to put in the fridge. spilled tomato juice from leftovers all over my leg. decided to throw out the tomato-sauced plastic bag i'd used to protect my bag from potential leaks (smart, huh?). plastic wasted before 8:15. not great. at lunchtime, i walked on over to the small downtown co-op and got some whole-wheat flour for tonight and a lovely organic cookie. got five steps out the door and groaned at the realization that i'd just blown my "NO NEW PLASTIC" pledge with my bulk bag and plastic-wrapped treat. just wasn't thinking. must atone. but how? that's the problem with plastic. once it's made, there's no going back. we can only move forward. luckilly, i had one plastic bag stashed in my bag so i didn't need TWO bags to double-bag the flour. flour ruptures are unhappy incidents. made it through the rest of the workday without accidentally clubbing any seals or spraying pesticides on my co-workers. went out for a cocktail with my sweetie, and didn't think to ask for my vodka-cran without the stupid stirry sticks. two stirry sticks are now on my conscience as well. but we didn't drive! and i didn't use the dryer! my newly-washed jeans kind of smell like a damp towel on its 4th use, but, hey. it's humid today. things just don't dry that quickly. i can live with this. tomorrow: farmer's market PLASTIC-FREE. for reals. and trying not to drive.

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